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Diplomatic and urbane, romantic and charming, easygoing and sociable, idealistic and peace loving – these are some of the traditional personality traits associated with Libra. This is the birth sign of those born from September 23 to October 23 under the constellation of the Scales. The ruling planet is Venus and the element associated with this sign is air. On the other land, those under the sign of Libra can be indecisive and apt to change their minds easily. They are also gullible and influence easily by others, often leading them into danger or unfavorable circumstances.

Libra is the only sign of the Zodiac represented by an inanimate object and many astrologers see it as the most desirable of all the signs. This is because it occurs at the high point of the year when humans are enjoying the benefit of a bountiful harvest. Those born under this sign tend to be good looking and have a sense of charm and good taste. They love the pleasures associated with beauty, harmony, music and socializing.

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Librans have a great ability to be able to detach themselves from a situation and look at it from various perspectives and so make great judges capable of rendering an impartial decision. They are, though, intolerant of anyone who challenges their decisions, but generally they are even-tempered people. They are very kind and detest cruelty in any form. In times of conflict they go out of their way to reach a compromise that will bring peace to a situation. They usually enjoy successful marriages because of their ability to understand the other person’s point of view and will often do without themselves to help their partner.

The negative side of a Libra includes flirtatiousness and a shallow quality. They can be changeable and can display outbursts of temper. Women under this sign tend to be extravagant and spend a lot of money on frivolous items. They are also very inquisitive when it comes to gossip, especially regarding scandals in their social circles. Although most Librans are energetic, they have been given the description of being lazy. They do not like to get their hands dirty, which has led many people into careers where they do not have to do any manual labor.

They need to take care of their lower back and kidneys because they tend to be susceptible to illnesses of these areas of the body.


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